Dale Frank - elm

Dale Frank's artwork is displayed in the lobby of elm, Southbank. This beautiful piece was purchased through Anna Schwartz Gallery, where he exhibits.

We are very excited to introduce a beautiful Dale Frank piece to the elm lobby to provide residents with an element of incredible art every day. We spoke to Anna Schwartz from Anna Schwartz Gallery about Dale Frank who exhibits at her gallery...

What inspires Frank for his artwork?

Dale Frank takes his inspiration from sources as diverse as the intense experience of nature to painting and its history. His work experiments with performance and process and with the meeting of randomness and control.

What work is Frank best known for and how would you describe his signature style?

Frank is now best known for his "Varnish" paintings which use as their medium that which artists have traditionally used to conserve their works. The varnish is suffused with coloured pigments and is as much sculptural as painterly.

Tell us about the painting that is featured in the elm foyer

The painting in the foyer of elm exemplifies the engagement with nature and its phenomena with its palette of the sea, sun and sky.

Where else can Dale's work be viewed publicly (outside Anna Schwartz gallery)?

Dale Frank's work is in the collections of most state and regional galleries in Australia and in numerous public and private collections. These include:

Solomon Guggenheim Museum, New York; National Gallery of New Zealand; Zurich Kunsthaus; Auckland City Gallery; First National Bank of Chicago Collection; Westpac Collection, New York; BP Collection, Melbourne; Monash University Collection; Boston Museum of Fine Art, Boston; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.